Customer Experience​​​​​​

Utilize broad range of metrics to analyze the best way to interact and keep your customers.

CX, or customers' perceptions of how an organization treats them, is revolutionizing how organizations attract and interact with those that they serve.

CX is quickly outstripping other forms of brand differentiation, such as quality and price, in the marketplace.​​​

A recent study indicated that 86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for a product or service if they are provided with a high-quality, targeted CX. Cogent's analysis of your business's
CX utilizes a broad range of metrics, such as sentiment and intensity, to reveal the best way to interact with your customers.


Driverless Cars
Data Driven Insights

Autonomous cars are coming to roads near you. In fact, driverless vehicles are already being tested throughout the country. ​​​​​