Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

We have expertise in the following industries:

Pharma and Healthcare

- Social media as a means of market research
- Learn customer demands for new
product innovation
- Consolidate data from all internal and
external sources for deeper insights
- Product wise sentiment analysis


- Geography specific customer sentiment
- Customer Feedback
- Learn about factors that customers
consider before buying
- Buzz in automobile industry


Retail & CPG

- Use social media as another source to
learn about customer's buying
- Identify influencers
- Learn about product features that
customers like/dislike
- Product wise customer demographics


- Learn about customer's evolving
- Use social media as a feedback source
to learn customer's complaints
- General travel trends
- Learn more about what your competitors 
customers are saying about them

Finance, Banking & Insurance

- Product wise perception and sentiment
- Discover untapped market segment
- Segment analysis based on 
- Spot industry trends


For Agencies

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